for my story to be told

So, this is a little summary of today’s journey.

  • 279.1 miles for this journey.
  • 12 hours 2 minutes from leaving my garage to arriving back in my garage.
  • 48 towns/cities traveled through. (may be more as I might not have recorded all the little towns correctly)
  • Route numbers traveled:  117, 62, 20, 8, 9, 100, 112, 2, 2A, 70
  • Prettiest road(s):  MA and VT Route 8, Vermont 9, Vermont 100, MA 112
  • 6 tea drinks (or ice cream) (forgot to take a picture of my DD ice tea!)
  • 5 hotels visited:  1 not found, 2 were knocked down, 1 burnt down and 1 is still a functioning hotel!
  • 1 cemetery:  Was so thrilled to find this on Vermont 8 as my Grandfather had written about it in his letter from Wilmington Vermont:  “Further along it is a climb again, but this time when you reach the top, you see a beautiful sleepy hollow, and right in the center, it appears, there are small white slabs, with a clump of young evergreen trees surrounding it and as you get into the valley you notice that the mountains are surrounding it, with the same array of magnificent coloring, well I stopped near this cemetery for about ten minutes and thought what a quiet and dreamy, but lonely spot, if not for the brilliant colors, if would appear totally barren and would give you the shudders.  The name that I gave this place was “Sleepy Hollow” and it sure was a long sleep for those that had been buried there. All of the slabs were of the same height and that sort of was striking.”


The trip I did today was in the same direction that my Grandfather had done.  On the way back, I went through Gardner and Fitchburg, but did not stop there today.  But his trip was almost 3 weeks in length.

Oh darling, it seems like ages and ages since I have last seen you, really and truly it is just as bad as it was up in Maine.”

What a wonderful day – such pretty scenery, cool places to explore, and another connection to my Grandfather.  This indeed has been a great journey.

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