for my story to be told

Thanks for joining me in my new creative and scholarly adventure.  This blog tells stories:  stories of places that you may pass by everyday, not knowing its unique history, stories of people, and stories of places, plants and animals that you may not know about.  The idea for this new blog started off by just my being curious about some of the sites I was viewing on my walking routes.  Those set of photographs were originally called “Abandoned” but upon looking at a Google Earth view of one of the locations of an old farm stand, I saw an old foundation from this bird’s eye view.  That made me think that instead of thinking of these places as abandoned, that there was more to this farm stand’s story than I knew.  I love forming questions and then researching those questions to seek answers.  Utilizing my research skills, I visited the Special Collections Room at the Concord Public Library to find out the history of this particular location.  And, then this idea was born:  a place to marry the things I am curious about, with my photographs, and my love of researching to tell a new story. My favorite song from Hamilton is, “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”, so this new blog is dedicated to telling the stories of ordinary places, people, and things whose story might go unknown otherwise.  The quote below, sums up well the intent of this new blog.


The picture alone, without the written word, leaves half the story untold.
— James Lafferty


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